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Bounce House Press Kit

Game Name: Bounce House
Developers: Simon Boxer, Matt Stentiford and Zander Hulme
Release Date: 11 October 2017
Platforms: iOS and Android
Languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian

A game about bouncing children off a bounce house?

That's right! The hobby you've never been legally allowed to pursue.

The world's longest bouncy Bounce House gauntlet has just opened! This new attraction is for kids only, but don't let that stop you...
Bust on, bounce kids, take candy, dodge blocks... and watch out for the Castle Master!

So it's developed by Twice Different?

True story! A new studio with seasoned developers.

Simon Boxer's made art for games including CS:GO, DOTA2, Armello, The Stanley Parable.
Matt Stentiford created Lolreplay - League of Legends 3rd party replay software, Adrenaline Snowboarding.
Zander Hulme's sound and music credits include Steppy Pants, Flick Heroes and Sling Kong.

We work remotely from the corners of Australia. Based in Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane we're close to being as spread out as possible on this land mass. If we add someone in Darwin maybe we'll achieve perfect alignment and unlock illuminati secrets!

Oh, I like secrets. Will your game have secrets?

Mayyyyybe *unnaturally slow wink*

Interesting idea, where did it come from?

Simon: This game actually took inspiration from an afternoon tea attended in Perth. The host had 3 daughters running rampant, fueled by Tim Tams (chocolate). After failing to recruit a familiar adult they sheepishly approached me to play on the trampoline. I hadn't met (or even talked to) them before, but being a child encased in a 30-something y.o. body this was an appealing prospect!

So there I am in a tiny, net-enclosed trampoline, with 3 girls half my height. Carefully bouncing around trying not to KO them with a rogue shin or launch anyone skyward from a full weight bounce.

That sounds fun!

It was! And they had so many simple, creative games they played on the trampoline. We wanted to capture that energy and playfulness.

Even though we're a small team we aim to produce a quality arcade game with a humourous, lighthearted twist. First up, we started building around a gameplay narrative/concept, thinking about what would best service the concept and design pillars.

Things we do well:

  • Skill-based, challenging gameplay
  • Animated characters with new effects
  • Bright and colourful art style
  • Juicy particles and plenty of visual feedback
  • Awesome sticker pack on iOS
  • Ragdolls! At their funniest when plowing through a chain of explosives
  • You mean new characters perform differently?

    While new characters don't affect gameplay, novelty is a core part of the experience. If people are amused or get a laugh then we've done our job! From a unicorn with the Rainbow Touch (think Midas' touch, but more rainbows) to a basketballer that shoots hoops with children we've got a range of characters with their own personality.

    Tell me more art things!

    Simon: I've always loved stylised art and taken influence from games like Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker and Katamari. Wind Waker's aged really well and in part that's a testament to the art. I set out to create a juicy mobile game built on similar principles, creating a unique shape language in both the effects and the 3D world. I want every player action to show their impact on the world, and for me particles + animation are the key to creating this immersion.

    Cool! Say I'm interested in sharing this with the world, could I get in touch?

    Please do!
    For inquiries:
    Twitter: Simon Boxer @sboxle

    Game trailers:

    Art assets: Compressed .zip (12.8MB)

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